"How do I teach my child his culture when it's not my own?" "How do you prepare families who don't get the importance of race and ethnicity?" "How do you teach transracially adopted children survival skills?" "What do families need to know to be successful?"

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Transracial Adoption Training, Coaching and Consulting

Welcome to Robert O'Connor's

Adoption & Child Welfare Training Website 

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The Mission

To provide world-class training and resources to serve children, parents, and the professionals who support them.

Company Profile

A premier provider of training, consulting, coaching and resources for racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in permanency.

Founder and principle trainer, Robert O'Connor MSW, LGSW, has been leading transracial adoption training sessions and training engagements for more than 18 years.  He is a highly sought after child welfare and diversity consultant serving county, state, federal, for-profit and non-profits entities.

Our team members are today and tomorrow's leaders in the child welfare and diversity fields.  First hand experience in transracial adoption or multiculturalism provides our members with practical and essential insight into the needs of our clients.

The Founder of this site, Robert O'Connor, is an adult transracial adoptee of African-American descent.  He and his older brother experienced multiple failed adoptions and foster care prior to being transracially adopted at the age of four.  He grew up as part of one of the first generations of transracial adoptive families.  He has used his life experiences to move from state ward to state ward administrator, from special ed. student to college professor, and from cultural isolation to practice innovation.  His is a story of perseverance, power, and promise. 

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