Organizational Alignment and Individual Assessments

Consulting/ Technical assistance provides for a time-limited and focused intervention relative to a statute, law, policy, service, program or practice. 

Our array of services are focused on increasing the cultural responsiveness of organizations and their systems and developing the cultural competency of individuals within them. 

We provide services to both the public and private non-profit sectors, to for profit entities  as well as to individuals and their families.

Key Benefits: Strategic Action and Measurement (S.A.M. Model )

  • Identifies strengths to be leveraged and weaknesses to be managed (Strategic)
  • Provides a direction for growth and development (Action)
  • Provides a baseline for measuring progress (Measurement)


Organizational Alignment: Organizational Cultural Audit and Climate Assessments
Individual Assessments:
Parent Transracial Adoption Assessments
Parent Diversity Awareness Assessments
Worker Cultural Competency Assessments
(Paper, Telephone and electronic assessments)


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