Cultural Competency & Transracial Adoption Training

Transracial adoption, Cultural Competency and Cultural Bias Awareness training are our specialties. Customizable trainings for both parents and professionals are available nationally and internationally. For scheduling and investment amounts, please call 612-702-4809.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate
  • Informative
  • Practical


  • Conferences/Workshops
  • International and Domestic Adoption Competent
  • Adoption Agencies, CASA/GAL, Mandated Reporters, Counties, State Agencies, Federal Trainings
  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Associations
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Provides Speakers for Panels
  • Tele-Training

Participant Letter to Training Sponsor


I attended a 6-hour IFAPA-sponsored training last Saturday, June 16,
in Cedar Rapids.

The class was "Advanced Topics in Transracial Foster & Adoptive
Families," conducted by Robert O'Connor.

This was by far the most pertinent, informative, professional, and
interesting foster parent training class I have attended thus far. I
appreciate very much the way in which the class was structured, with a balance of interaction and instruction as well as information
presented via video. I thought given the time constraints, Robert kept the discussion at the perfect level of detail so as to end the class on
time yet with a sense of completion and accomplishment in terms of the goal of the session.

I honestly could see this being a semester-long college course, and I
could have easily listened to him talk on this subject that long, as
well. He is an excellent speaker and presenter and is clearly
knowledgeable and experienced, bringing to the class an invaluable
mixture of clinical information and personal experience as both an
adult transracial adoptee and a social worker and professor to make his points.

This class should be required for all foster parents, in my opinion,
in much the way Mandatory Reporting is required. My guess is that people who do not foster/adopt children of other races think the class would not be applicable to their situations. However, the course title may be a bit of a misnomer, or at the very least, may be a bit misleading in that respect. The emphasis on culture and on appreciating and embracing our foster/adoptive kids' cultures and experiences prior to coming into our homes is applicable to all foster/adoptive situations, especially -but not exclusively -- to those that include children from other ethnic groups. However, to change the title or format of this class might take away from the valuable discussions that ensued among the class members, nearly all of whom shared the common experience of parenting children from cultures other than their own. For that reason, I think the class
is perfect, requiring no changes whatsoever (beyond perhaps making it mandatory or at least incorporating a large portion of it into

My husband and I left the class with a new realization of what we
still need to provide to our African-American/Caucasian daughters so that will be able to successfully navigate the world as adult members of both the Caucasian and African-American cultures.

Robert was fantastic, and I would definitely take and recommend to
anyone else any classes he conducted in the future.

Thank you again for offering this class.




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